Monday, November 7, 2011

Housewarming Gift

I made this cute chalkboard for my friend who just bought a new home.

I wanted to do a cute chalkboard for her entryway, but I wanted something creative. So, I went digging at the thrift store and found this adorable plate. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the plate before I taped it. I put painter's tape all over it.

Then I put a plate down and used a pocket knife to cut out the circle.

Then I removed the tape and had a nice circle.

I forgot to take pictures of all the next steps. So, here's what I did.
  • Spray paint with chalkboard paint. When dry, remove tape.
  • I painted the letter and frames.
  • Then I mod podged scrapbook paper onto them.
  • To get the shapes. I traced them on the back of the paper and cut them out. Then I brushed Mod Podge onto the letters, put the paper on, and then brushed more Mod Podge on top.
  • I then super glued the letter onto the plate. After it dried, I super glued the ribbon on the back.
  • I was going to attach the picture frames to the plate, but I decided they would look better hanging on the wall.
She loved it!!!

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